You Can Control the Anxiety of Feeling Overwhelmed

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Stepping Outside Overwhelm

It is easy to experience overwhelm ... and then engage in a process that constitutes doing nothing! Well, that is, almost nothing. You do manage to worry until you feel immobilized, engage in non-productive activities, and then worry some more!
Once you are aware of this kind of behavior, you can create a safety net for yourself to support handling multiple pressing tasks ... yet enjoy a sense of confidence and calm that comes from knowing that you are not only doing all you can do, but that you are doing it in the best manner possible.
Understand that you always have the ability to change how you think and respond to a particular event. When you find yourself feeling immobilized by a prevailing sense of overwhelm, you can counter those feeling by looking for a way "through" your situation, rather than "out of it!" The mindset here is that if you are trying to escape something, you are running away from it; when you want to find your way through a challenge, you become actively engaged in a change process.
Are you feeling overwhelmed right now? Take out a sheet of paper and write down every task that comes to mind. There is no need to sequence or prioritize them - just document them so that you 1) remove the fear of possibly forgetting them, and 2) can visualize all tasks together so that you can consciously determine their value and priority to complete.
There is a well known phrase about eating an elephant, one bite at a time. This philosophy helps you to push other things aside, refusing to entertain thoughts about anything other than that one task you have before you - that one task that you have chosen to prioritize, focus on, and complete to the very best of your ability. Then... repeat the process all over again - on the next most important task!
Why does this work? Because we tend to sabotage our success when we try to deal with things we feel are outside our power. We step up to the challenge of mastering something greater than ourselves ... but in the end, we waste our powers dealing with them. The lesson to be learned is that we don't need power to deal with what overwhelms - just a higher level of understanding how to consciously dismiss the feeling from our mind - by taking a proactive approach to becoming actively engaged ... one step at a time!
May the weeks ahead be filled with less overwhelm - as you make your list and complete the most important tasks - one at a time - - not being distracted by busywork.

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You Can Control the Anxiety of Feeling Overwhelmed

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This article was published on 2010/05/23