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It doesn't matter whether you can pull off power belting like Whitney Houston, croon like Michael Buble, or beat Georgia Brown's current world record for hitting the highest vocal note. It's also irrelevant if you perform concerts in the shower, in your local karaoke bar, on the podcasts you update regularly, or on a huge stage. The point is most of us, if not all of us, enjoy singing. You may admit it or not, but there is a Madonna or Elvis in each one of us, waiting for that opportune time to burst into song.

Indeed, singing is a universal activity. Whatever nook or cranny you get lost in on this earth, there are individuals doing it. But have you ever stopped to think about why we sing? The answers could be endless, as the motivations we have can be so diverse, but here, in my personal opinion, are a few of the more prevalent grounds for why we love to sing our hearts out.

It's a form of expression. Humans are creatures that cannot forever keep what they feel hidden inside. We have a seemingly chronic inclination to find an outlet for us to express our emotions or thoughts-- and singing is one avenue for this. Whether we're lamenting the loss of a relationship, exalting our belief in a higher being, or simply embracing and sharing our happiness, singing provides us with a channel to let out all these emotions we feel.

It makes us happier. Not everyone may know the science behind it but I'm sure that most of us have noticed that when we sing there is a lift in our mood and overall disposition. Science has actually proven this. The evidence states that singing releases endorphins into your system making you feel energized and leading you to have positive emotional changes.

It's a good distraction. People of this day and age are under a lot of mental, social, and physical stress that at one point or another they would like to forget about. Singing is the perfect, alcohol- and chemical-free distraction. When we sing, the feel-good chemicals discussed earlier give us a reprieve from any problems we currently experience.

It's good for our health. Singing is just as beneficial for your emotions as it is for your physical body. It gives our lungs a workout and tones our abdominal and intercostal muscles and diaphragm. Further, because singing makes us breathe more deeply than many other forms of exercise causing a higher intake of oxygen, it improves our aerobic capacity and we experience a release of muscle tension as well. Also, if we suffer from a slight cold, despite the complaints that you may get from the ones listening, it's a good idea to sing as it clears our sinuses and respiratory tubes.

So, you may sing because you want to distract yourself from a bad day at work, or because it's a way for you to communicate how you feel, but all these motivations boil down to the simple fact that we sing because it feels good. I don't think we need any more reason than that.

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We Sing - Why People Love To Sing

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This article was published on 2010/11/02