Want Some Inspiration? Go For a Walk!

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I was feeling very sluggish today... bored with everything pretty much.

It's cold, grey and Monday... my body is feeling so blobby from lack of exercise and I am about as unmotivated as you can get... actually I just want to scream! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!

Ever felt like that?

But one hour later I feel energised, refreshed, ready to take on all the boring stuff that is surrounding me and make headway with some exciting plans.

And all I did was... go for a walk!

I hated the thought of it.

Couldn't even contemplate the idea of strolling along on this drab day. No one to speak to... haven't got my iPod... no pretty scenery or shops to look at.

But I had to go... there was nothing else that would do to lift my heavy dreary mood.

So out I went - jacket on, mobile phone in pocket (just in case) and I walked.

As I walked I noticed things - I looked in the windows of the shops nearby, I had never noticed them before - one had great chairs and suddenly I felt a tinge of excitement about chairs! I saw the perfect chair for the renovation I began to plan in my head, suddenly inspired.

Then I went past a dress shop I had also neglected to notice... in the window was a tiny pair of delicate drop earrings, dangling with a perfect turquoise bird and coral beads. Just this morning I had lamented my poor choice of ear jewellery and I began to get a bit excited about the beauty of these, and I bet they are not expensive. Damn it, the shop is closed, so that means I will have to walk back tomorrow. Another walk is planned!

I am moving along quite nicely now, buoyed and cheered by the sudden revelations I have had - small things lead to big things, big changes, big ideas.

I am starting to feel so much better, life and its small pleasures are all around me. A kitchen ware shop gets me thinking of getting some winter cooking plans in order and the comforting smells I can fill the house with; a TV celebrity crosses my path - without his wig, this adds another dimension to my day; my body is feeling looser, much better as is my brain.

I contemplate the huge goals I have set myself and how stuck I have been feeling in trying to power on to achieve them. Thinking through them and walking along at this pace my goals start to appear easier as I break them down into smaller more manageable actions that I am getting all of a sudden getting keener about doing.

I realise that not only is my body moving and feeling better so is my brain! The idea for my blog is born! Happy days, this 20 minute walk has been a fantastic experiment - I return to my desk, hyped up, fresh glass of water in hand, a newness of attitude feeling my being and as I sit to tap out this very invigorating blog all I can think of is - how great it is to go for a walk.

Are you feeling stuck - go for a walk NOW and see what happens!

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Want Some Inspiration? Go For a Walk!

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This article was published on 2010/07/10