The One Strict Rule to Applying Law of Attraction - There Are No Strict Rules

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There are major misconceptions regarding our internal feelings when it comes to application of Law of Attraction (LOA) in professional and personal situations.

One of them is this: "I HAVE to feel good in order to attract my ideal business scenario, my ideal profit level, my ideal work-life balance, my ideal partner, etc."

Many people complain that they find it hard to attract what it is they desire BECAUSE they DO NOT feel good all the time, and therefore feel they are thwarting their own intentions. They then ask me what they should do to stop this negative feeling-stuff, so they can go back and actually attract the objects of their desire...

Now that's the Law of Attraction world in reverse, and I usually tell them! It's not the "feeling bad part" that is detrimental, it's the "complaining about it" part that's way more destructive.

Law of Attraction, LOA, or the law of deliberate intent, states that we attract strongly to us that which we predominantly think about and have -positive or negative- emotions about. Whether we like the result (or not) is not the issue; we attract it anyway by virtue of our predominant thoughts and feelings.

Why is that so?

Well, apart from the fact that Law of Attraction is a universal law (which really needs no further explanation), it's also common sense and practical reality. Whatever is foremost in our minds tends to be the topic we:

  • • talk to friends/family/others about a lot
  • • think about a lot
  • write/email about a lot
  • have phone conversations about a lot
  • spend money on a lot
  • spend time on/with/for a lot
  • buy stuff for/against a lot
  • text/sms about a lot
  • cry and/or laugh about a lot
  • do things for/against a lot

All in all, we tend to think, feel and act upon that topic a lot. Just think about it: you just lost your girlfriend; what do you do all day long? Or: your business is on the verge of bankruptcy, guess what's on your mind 24/7?

All the experiences you have at any time will make you radiate all sorts of vibrations (which are feelings) during the day, and depending on how IMPORTANT the things are you are busy with you will have stronger or less strong feelings.

There will be a sum-total of feelings, and that will lead to a predominantly positive or negative vibration within you as a person, which will have strong attractive power. In other words: some people just seem to be more positive than others and seem to get all the good stuff......

Now back to situation at hand: is it always NECESSARY to feel good before you can attract what you desire? My answer is: NO, but it will definitely help to feel as good as you can.

Two comments on this:

1. unless something is really, really important in your life, your overall vibration will set the tone when it comes to attraction. This explains is why we often still get what we want, even though we are or were doubtful about our ability to actually achieve it. I often seriously doubted, for instance, that I would graduate from Law School......I still did. I also doubted, for longer periods of time, whether I would EVER find the love of my life. I found her regardless -and am still with her as well!...... My reasoning for these results in spite of my frequent negative vibes about them, is that my "overall" vibration/disposition as a human being has always been a pretty positive one, which will therefore assist me in achieving my goals.

2. Irrespective of point one, it will always pay you dividends to feel as good as possible about your desires, or at least to start feeling BETTER, if you think you don't feel too good about them. Again, your overall vibration within Law of Attraction is often more powerful than single vibrations about single issues. If you can make it a habit to feel as good as you can whenever you can, you will find -and you have my guarantee- people, circumstances and events working with you and for you, assisting you in achieving results you yourself didn't deem possible.

One of the quirky things in human beings is that we nearly always like to come up with "rules of the game", with road maps, with manuals to life. That in itself is not a bad thing; if someone else knows how to get "somewhere", why wouldn't you make it easy on yourself and learn the tricks of the trade? I am all for that!

Here's where it often goes wrong, though: we start to see the rules as "holy". In other words, our thoughts then become: if we DO NOT follow the rules to a tee, results will NOT happen!

Now THAT's just not true. MANY, many roads (if not all.....) lead to Rome. There is not JUST ONE way, without which we will fail.

But guess what happens if we think we are on our way to failure (because we are not feeling good all the time)? We start to feel bad, worse, worst...... Guess what happens then, in terms of Law of Attraction? Right, we start to send off vibes that are not in harmony with what we really want. Paradoxically enough, Law of Attraction will be working just as efficiently in those cases, by you -very likely!- not attracting the object or subject of your desire. Talking about shooting yourself in the foot.... This is why complaining about not feeling good is generally more detrimental than "just" not feeling good for a day or so. If you can accept your feelings, without thinking negatively about them, you will find they will pass quite quickly!

what's the moral of this article? Well, it's threefold:

  1. Your OVERALL vibration (or emotional state, if you don't like that word) in your personal and professional life is massively important. It's like the undercurrent in your sea of life. The waves may seem to go one way, it's the undertow that will ultimately decide your direction. Working on feeling as good as you can as often as you can is therefore equally important. There are multiple ways of achieving that feeling of general well-being; check other articles on that topic, or contact me for guidance.
  2. There are no "10 commandments" to the Law of Attraction, without which LOA will not work, so don't fall into the trap that you NEED to do things a certain way if you want to get results. The Universe doesn't work that way. Relax!
  3. Law of Attraction is always working, like the Law of Gravity. So if you try to feel good, but you cannot, and THEN feel BAD about that, you WILL probably get what you feel strongest about: most likely the absence of what it is you TRULY want....... Pretty useless behaviour, really......

The crux is this: clearly set out your intentions of what you want. Feel positive about your intentions as much as you can. Accept that you will now and then feel negative, which is just fine, as long as you keep focused on your intentions. Stay away from dogmatism, thinking that things MUST be done a certain way. Also realise that you will not ALWAYS get what you want. I've written about that before. There are more factors at play in the Universe than you and I know about. If everyone would get exactly what s/he desires, the world would become an interesting place.

Know, though, that feeling good about something will MASSIVELY increase your chances of achieving your goals. That alone is worth its weight in gold.

To your success!

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The One Strict Rule to Applying Law of Attraction - There Are No Strict Rules

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This article was published on 2010/03/27