Thanksgiving Gift For My Dear Wife

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I and my wife have known each other for almost ten years. When it comes to my wife Linda, I am full of appreciation. But for her, I will not have led such a happy life.

I and Linda got to know each other at the birthday party of my good friend. At that time, I was a very ordinary promoter at a small company, of course, I earned not much money which was just enough to support myself. At the party, I fell in love with Linda at the first sight. Different from other girls, she did not wear the very sexy short dress and very high-heeled shoes, she only wore a white skirt, which suited her slim figure very much, and her hair was very straight, she had white and smooth skin, a pair of big eyes which could speak for her, I saw the unique charm in her. I bravely started a conversation with her, to my surprise, she was very friendly to me. Then soon we dated each other very frequently, she did not mind that I was only an ordinary promoter, she said that all successful men started from doing ordinary work, she believed that I would become successful one day. Later, she became my girlfriend.

To be frank, I feel very grateful for her. Maybe just because of her encouragement, I done very well in my work, and later I was offered promotion. I still worked in the company as the sales manager, and of course, I earned much more money than before. I shared this little success with Linda, and asked her to marry me. She promised me, which made me feel excited for quite a long time. After our marriage, we have led a very happy life, Linda works as a nurse, she always looks so kind and amiable. She is very considerate to me, doing almost all the housework.

Now I work in a very famous company as a sales manager. In fact, I have encountered much failure and trouble during these years, but I am not afraid and worried, because I have Linda's support forever, she will always be there, giving me comfort and encouragement all the time. She is the most important woman in my life, and the woman which I appreciate most.

Thanksgiving day is coming, I should buy a thanksgiving gift for Linda. In fact, I have thought what I should buy for her many times, and at last I decide to buy a silk scarf, because I can feel that Linda likes silk scarves, because she always wears the silk scarves. I want to express my love and appreciation for Linda through the silk scarf, hoping she can feel that I love and support her all the time.
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Thanksgiving Gift For My Dear Wife

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This article was published on 2010/09/27