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This weekend a few things happened that have prompted me to give you the following message: keep things to yourself. During the course of years, I have experienced many things that all boiled down to one crystallized message: for magic to happen, do not to talk about everything with just anyone in our lives. Select a few friends who you feel truly support you in your plans and projects, people who see your dreams from your angle. I am not saying that you should surround yourself with sycophants, God forbid; rather, share your dreams with friends who share a common energetic ground with you. Leave room for variations and constructive viewpoints, but stay away from situations when you feel cornered into justifying your plans, actions and feelings to anyone. Stay away from situation that leave you feel empty and energetically violated.

So why am I saying this to you now? I have decided to share this theory of mine with you because I feel that the saying "misery loves company" is true. I find that most people are energetically corrupt on a fundamental level: if they do not succeed, nor should you. They may not feel it or admit to it consciously, but even the best of them, on a subconscious level can harbour envy and resentment towards the success of their friends.

Once you open your heart, you open up channels for energies to flow into your life, so making sure that only supportive energies flow your way is important for magic. Don't tell what you don't want attacked. Keep the energy sphere around a dream or experience clean.

This weekend Madonna's dream of adopting another Malawian child shattered: the court rejected her claim. What surprised me was the reaction of the people on the news: malice and envy underlined their words as they cried: why should she get preferential treatment? Again, human envy and resentment to the opportunities and the potential success of others was on full display.

My question is: why shouldn't Madonna get a preferential treatment? Her social and charitable involvement in Malawi certainly should, in my eyes, earn her some exceptional and honorary considerations. But again, few sympathized with her failed efforts and masses rejoiced. How sadly typical.

I urge you to think: what has happened to Madonna is a very public display of what has happened to you countless times. You opened yourself up to envy, resentment and general corruption.

We can protect ourselves with crystals, essential oils, candles and incense. But the first step to self-protection starts with being smart: keep things to yourself to protect your energy sphere and the energy sphere of your dream. This is my best advice to all of you!

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Misery Revels in Company

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This article was published on 2010/04/03