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Being bored is something teenagers complain about all the time, especially when they are at home or at school. However boredom isn't solely confined to youngsters as more and more adults are complaining of boredom, because they find their work or social life lacks any real excitement or variation.

What Is Boredom?

Put simply boredom is not having anything to do which mentally stimulates you. The reason a lack of stimulation causes you to feel this way, is because the brain needs new stimulation in order to grow and keep itself healthy. If the brain does not receive any new stimulation, then eventually it will begin to atrophy and develop either psychological or physiological diseases.

The important words in this description are "new stimulation", because eventually the brain gets used to things and no longer receives much stimulation from them. As a result, it starts to crave new stimulation and it does this by making you feel bored so that you become motivated to seek out and try new things.

Many people wrongly assume that just because they have a full or busy day they are receiving lots of stimulation and so shouldn't feel bored, but can't understand why they are suffering from boredom.

The reason for this goes back to what I just said, no matter how full or busy your day is, if you are not constantly doing new and challenging things, then the brain will get used to your daily activities and still will no longer receive much stimulation from them. As a result, even an extremely busy person can feel bored with their life if they are doing the same thing day in day out.

One of the dangers of suffering from boredom is that people can very quickly begin to feel depressed, because they feel like there is no excitement or challenges in their life. As a result, many resort to the use of "distracters" which can be anything from drugs to entertainment in an attempt to change the way they feel. Unfortunately, most distracters will only make things worse, because they will often result in that person neglecting other needs which are important to them.

So whenever you are suffering from boredom, just remember this simple message, your brain needs to be stimulated so do something new and different. Following this simple advice can not only help you to feel better, but also to live a better life.

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Listening to Your Brain

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This article was published on 2010/04/02