How to Flirt With Women - Tips To Get Her Feeling You

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It's pretty clear that when you find yourself flirting with a woman, there is a reason for this and it is not because you just want to have a clever conversation. You want to make her feel attracted to you so that you can get her phone number, maybe get a date with her, and hopefully go way beyond that. If you ever find yourself searching for the right things to say and do when you are flirting with a woman, keep reading this article.

Flirting is an art, one that you can pick up and get better with time and experience. The trouble for a lot of men is, they don't get enough experience flirting with women, and so they always feel a little insecure and inadequate. That's okay, as long as you are willing to do something about it and learn how to make her start feeling YOU.

Here are 3 flirting tips that you can use to build up attraction with a woman and get her feeling YOU:

1. Make her feel like she is getting lost in your eyes.

If you have ever had a moment where your eyes locked with a woman and it felt like there was an instant chemistry and attraction, then you know just how powerful eye contact flirting with a woman can be. You can make her feel as if she is falling in love on the spot, and that is nothing to sneeze at, because that is the kind of attraction that you can escalate and build on very easily.

2. Give her the feeling of being swept away by tantalizing her with your conversation.

Women are used to having regular idle banter with men all of the time. What they are not used to is having a tantalizing and stimulating conversation that generates both heat and electricity and makes her feel like she is being swept away. You may not be blessed with a silver tongue, but you can still learn how to talk to women the way that builds up an intense attraction and makes her want more of YOU.

3. Use body language to give her the silent pull of animal attraction.

Women cannot resist the temptation that they feel when animal attraction starts to overcome them. Hey, you probably can't either. Using body language as your method of flirting with a woman will not only connect with her on an instinctual and primal level, it will also put you light years ahead of almost all the men that she comes across and that is definitely a GOOD thing if you want to make her feel attracted to YOU.


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How to Flirt With Women - Tips To Get Her Feeling You

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This article was published on 2010/10/09
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