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Although many recognize the perils of getting wrapped in a state of anger why is it so seductive and difficult to shake loose once it has taken hold? Well largely because it has unconscious roots which many never learn about and which therefore keep it firmly anchored into one's life experience. To learn about and expose these roots is a major step forward to freeing oneself and reclaiming control of one's life. To begin your journey to freedom read on.

So what are those roots? Well to get at them I ask you to contemplate the following question:

What is so beneficial about getting angry?

With some reflection it may become evident that anger is often evoked when you feel threatened by someone or something, vulnerable, in danger or generally not in control of things.

The purpose of the anger is supposedly to propel you into action. Action which is supposed to help you rectify the situation. In other words it is supposed to help you feel safe, secure and in control or in charge of your situation.

Well if this is the case then one should also feel more peaceful, calm, confident, in control of themselves, strong, invulnerable, resilient, and generally good about themselves.

So if I were to summarize this line of thinking then it could be concluded that:

Anger makes one feel safe, secure, in control, in control of one's self, peaceful, calm, confident, strong, invulnerable, resilient, and generally good about themselves. I will call this the "Summary Statement".

If we now look at the actual experience of being angry, and I will ask you to recall a situation that evokes that state for you so that you can follow along, you will find that it results in:

Feeling out of control of one's self, that it has a tendency to escalate a negative situation thereby making one feel in even greater danger or more unsafe, it makes one feel like a victim and hence vulnerable, scared, small, weak, and not very good about one's self.

Is this not a life depleting experience? Is this therefore not toxic to you?

So how does that compare with the Summary Statement above? Well they are complete opposites. So which is the truth? Well this is a bit tricky to sort out for some because anger is often so deeply ingrained that it very seductively keeps itself attached to you.

If you do reflect on this however you'll eventually see that the Summary Statement is false.

If you can see that then you may wish to do the following:

1. Place one hand over your Heart and as if you are speaking from there simply affirm to yourself that you recognize that the Summary Statement is false.
2. If you wish to purge that false statement from your life simply say so as if you are speaking this from your Heart.
3. If you recognize that anger is in fact toxic to you then affirm this to yourself via your Heart.
4. Finally, if you wish to purge the anger from within simply say so from your Heart.

Now notice how you feel inside. Many will begin to feel a sense of relief. Others may experience a welling up of other negative feelings i.e. sadness, hurt etc. These are feelings that are associated with the memories of negative experiences (i.e. wounds) stored within you that must be extracted or erased in order for you to reclaim a more permanent sense of inner peace.

For those of you who would like to learn more about how you can achieve this kindly visit the web site below where you can also request a free introductory telephone consultation to help you on this journey.

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Freedom From Anger

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This article was published on 2010/04/03