Feeling Good Makes Your Performance Improve

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The way we all feel affects the way we act, this is very important in a business context. If you are running your own business from home the way you feel will affect your results today. Start the day with a simple question, "Do you feel good today?" If you honestly are feeling good then you will do well today, set plenty of goals and focus.

However if you don't feel good, should you do the same, just get on with it? If you don't feel good and fail to deal with your emotional status then will probably struggle to achieve your objectives all day. The Japanese work hard at social influences, recognising the impact it can have on their business. Many companies instigate exercise routines, to make their employees feel good today and every day. Many people find it sets them up for the day, give it a go at the start of your day you could be pleasantly surprised.

Of course everyone is affected by different things performance today in the here and now is can be limited by pain, anxiety and stress, or enhanced by feelings of joy and fulfillment. At the start of your day consider how you are feeling and what impact that might have on your day. Make sure you work out what it is you need to make yourself feel better and get on and do it. Time spent before the daily tasks improving your performance will pay dividends all day, but you must see it as a benefit not something which reduces the time you have available in your "busy" schedule.

In the first instance it is important to make a conscious effort to check your mood and to understand what is influencing it on a daily basis. Over a period of time you will learn to routinely recognise your mood and what you need to enhance it. This is not limited to your working life either, when you have a positive mental attitude throughout your life you will see many more benefits as well as achieving your goals.

Unfortunately there is no single way for everyone to feel good, we are all different so we need our own approach to performance enhancement. Not only this different things will work at different times. For me music and dance makes me feel good, not only doing it but also thinking and looking forward to dancing puts me on a high. I'm glad to say having practised maintaining a positive mental attitude myself for years now it doesn't take me long to recognise what I need to do to achieve the desired effect.

It will probably take some trial and error to find out what works for you. Don't give up you need to find your own method to feel good today and every day throughout your life. You will reap the benefits forever. Whatever method works for you, it might be music which helps, exercise or social interaction, but if you take time out to make sure you feel good, superior performance will follow you, whichever path you choose.

I feel good today do you?

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Feeling Good Makes Your Performance Improve

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This article was published on 2010/03/27