Feeling Confident In A Swimsuit

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It doesnt matter if you are looking for a size zero or one of those plus size swimsuits: for some women picking a swimsuit is like pulling teeth. Yes, some women have the self esteem and the fashion sense to walk into a store, purchase a swimsuit and walk right onto the beach. For others (or as I like to call them, the normals) buying a swimsuit is a tough process. Forget all the different styles and cuts to choose from, feeling confident in a swimsuit is a big thing for us girls. Men really cant understand this because even if they feel self conscious they dont exactly feel like everyone is staring at them the second they step onto the sand. Women feel like all eyes are on them when they are in their swimsuit, for better or for worse. Even if no one is looking their way, women can feel a thousand eyes boring into them like tiny little drills.

Okay, I know that sounds weird. If you are confident in your swimsuit then bless you for the way you feel. I wish I could feel like that. But like millions of women out there I dread the time of year when its time to put away the jacket and put on swimwear. And heck, Im not even a very big girl (which I kind of lament sometimes, to be truthful). I wear kind of the opposite of what you would call plus size swim wear. Still, I hate that feeling of stepping out of onto the sand wearing that swimsuit for the first time. I feel like I want to crawl into a little ball and roll away.

Which is completely ridiculous, I know. Im not one of those women who typically have low self esteem or even plays that card when Im around other women. Im guessing that how many other girls out there feel as well. Its like your brain is telling you two things at one time: Its all going to be okay, and Oh my gosh, there are people here, panic!. What Im told by many of my more swimsuit confident friends out there is that the key to feeling good in a swimsuit is to own it. In other words if you feel good in your suit, youll look as good as you feel.

The key to picking a good swimsuit is not just finding something that you like but also finding something that you are comfortable in. And not just comfortable as in physical comfort, but also something you are comfortable with mentally. That way you dont walk out onto the beach with some sense of confidence, even if you feel like everyone is staring.
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Kim Green feels much better when she wears one of her plus size swimsuits to the local pool.

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Feeling Confident In A Swimsuit

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This article was published on 2010/10/25