Dating Tips for Men - How to Create Instant Attraction With a Woman

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You know one of the most hypnotic feelings that you can give to a woman, is to give her that ultra rare feeling of instant attraction. You know, that feeling that there is just some incredible, unexplainable chemistry between you and her? For most people, not just guys, it's not an everyday occurrence to get that feeling of serendipitous instant attraction. Yet, if you can pull this one off, then you can bet that you are going to end up having an easy time getting a date with her.

How do you give a woman that feeling of instant attraction?

Here are 3 dating tips for men on how to create instant attraction with a woman:

1. You need to give her an instant feeling of rapport through the proper body language.

Okay, so 90 percent or more of communication is NON-VERBAL. So, why do so many guys waste all of their time trying to figure out the perfect pick up line, when at best, this is only going to weigh in about 10 percent? Your body language can be much more effective, especially when you want to give a woman the feeling of instant attraction. Body language communication happens on an instinctual level, just like the feeling of instant attraction. Pay attention to your body language, get it right, and make YOUR move!

2. You need to get her laughing.

If you were to sit down and ask 10 single women what is the most attractive quality that they could find in a man, probably at least 4 or 5 would rate a sense of humor being at the top of the list. And the others would probably rate it number two or number three. Why? Because a woman does not want to date a man that is going to end up being no fun at all. If you can show her right away that you can make her laugh, you are going to score some instant points with her.

3. You must be able to incorporate some physical flirtation.

To really make her heart go a flutter, you need to incorporate some physical touching. Physical touching helps to create that feeling beyond just trivial attraction and puts you more on the level where she wants something to happen. You can't shy away from physical flirtation, it has to be a part of your "tool box" if you are going to make her want you right off the bat.


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Dating Tips for Men - How to Create Instant Attraction With a Woman

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This article was published on 2010/09/25
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