4 Nice Things To Do For Your Wife That Will Show Her How Much You Care

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The golden rule is that when you treat your wife with respect and love you will get it all back and maybe even more. Women like their husbands to do nice things for them, and all too often the husband isn't quite sure what a 'nice thing' is supposed to be. If you are that husband, then don't worry because this article will give you a good starting point to figure out what she wants. Once you realize that things that make her feel good you will be able to branch off from there and make her feel really good.

1. Help Her Out

It's all too easy to fall into the role of the guy who lays down on the couch while she does the dishes. She may not say that she would like your help, but chances are she would. This applies to more than just the dishes. It applies to every task that she does throughout the day. If you see an opportunity to lend her a hand then you should grab hold of it and help her out. And if you mention that you are doing it so that she can relax and spend time with you, then you are going to get extra bonus points with her.

2. Plan a Night Out.

Take the initiative and plan a whole night out for the two of you. Make it like a first date where she has no idea where she is going next. Make sure the night has activities that she generally likes to do and you will be make her feel like you are courting her all over again. This will make her feel as though you really want to make her happy, and it will show her how attracted you still are to her.

3. Make Her Feel Sexy.

Women want to feel sexy, and we especially want our men to think we are sexy. I'm sure she asks you how she looks often, and you probably answer with a positive comment that makes her feel good. But if you give her a positive comment about her looks without her asking, then you are taking it up a notch and you are making her feel really good about the way you view her. Whether she shows it or not she will enjoy the comment, and it will boost the way she feels about herself, and her sex appeal to you.

4. Listen to Her and Remember Things.

If you really want to show her how much you care about her then remember things she says throughout the day. For example, if she says she really likes a certain type of perfume that her friend was wearing, surprise her by remembering that comment and taking her out to buy the perfume later on down the road. This works for anything from a movie to a favorite food. If you take the time to show her you listen and value what she talks about throughout the day then you will make her feel as though you really care about her and her likes. That's huge!

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4 Nice Things To Do For Your Wife That Will Show Her How Much You Care

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This article was published on 2010/12/22
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